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Buy Abalone in South Africa

In recent years , the Abalone which is believed to be found only in Australia , and also in Africa’s most blessed country (South Africa ) , has become so huge in demand when it comes to Sea food .You can Buy Abalone in South Africa now , at Geovanni’s Fish Market , without any fear of getting into trouble with the Authorities .

Buy Abalone in South africa
Buy Abalone in South Africa

Abalone , which is considered the world’s most valuable shellfish at the moment , is illegally being traded and exported out of South Africa , due to its high demands . This act of foreign kitchens and Restaurants reaching out to Buy Abalone in South Africa , is also fueling a social and economic crisis in the country .

Rampant poaching of wild abalone, whose fleshy snails are considered a delicacy in China and elsewhere, could drive the shellfish to extinction in South Africa within a decade and this is why Geovanni’s Fish market , doesn’t only sell the fish specie, but we product as well much more than we sell ensuring that there is always an availability of this particular shellfish .

Why Buy Abalone in South Africa from us :

Firstly our ratings speak for themselves , and on all major search engines , we are highly rated . Check our online ratings   from all major Search engines , and you can be confident to order . We also have safe and secured payment methods , for clients , so they are less stressed , when making their orders  .

At Geovanni’s we offer money back on all orders which don’t meet the order specifications by the clients , we also make sure , all orders shipped are provided with life tracking numbers so all , buyers can always get to know the status of their orders .

How to Order Abalone online from Us

We have made our order process , as simple and less complicated as possible . Firstly , you can either check the Available page , or the Shop page , so you see exactly what we have available , then placing the order for Abalone follows with the next , easily explained steps .

For any further inquiries , or any further requests , contact us  directly on our website or send a quick email to , and we will respond to you withing 24 hours .

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