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Dried Abalone

Dried Abalone
Dried Abalone

Dried Abalone
乾鮑魚 (bàoyú/gon1bao1yu4) .

  • Abalone is a sea mollusk found in cold water off the coasts of Southern New Zealand, South Africa and Australia, and North America and Japan and can be sold as Dried Abalone , Frozen Abalone , and canned abalone .
  • For the Chinese, it is considered one of the big four delicacies of the sea “鮑、參、翅、肚”.
  • Abalone is a symbol of wealth and prosperity, thus a must-have at feasts and festivities.

What is dried Abalone?

  • Dried abalone is an acquired, expensive taste, like caviar or truffles.
  • Dried abalone is used to impart a distinct flavor to Chinese soups.
  • It has a sweeter taste and firmer texture than canned or frozen.
  • Each abalone has its own unique characteristics, but shares commonalities such as texture and strong flavor, 鮮味 (sin1mei6).
  • The highest quality abalone species are 禾麻鮑, 吉品鮑, and 網鮑.

Product Information

Packaging options: 600g | One katy gift boxes | 15kg Bulk packing. Sizes available from 14g per piece to 55g per piece.

We guarantee 100% sugar / candy heart and great abalone taste. Our Abalone is dried in a traditional Japanese method, creating the ultimate Kippin style abalone. This product contains NO preservatives and we use NO chemicals during production. Great for traditional cooking and used by many top chefs and restaurants!

How do I prepare/eat dried abalone?

  • Abalone connoisseurs enjoy abalone by braising it whole and eating it like a steak.
  • Abalone can be added in (medicinal) soup. Canned or fresh abalone has far less concentrated flavor.
  • It is usually simmered in broth for several hours to soften and served whole or in slices with a savory sauce.

Where do I buy Dried Abalone Online ?

Abalone , is increasingly requested , in the online fish markets , as well as the physican Markets of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia . To Buy Dried Abalone online , there are lots of factors to consider , especially , as there as also , a lot of rip off scam vendors for Abalone online .

First , always try getting to a reputable agency, that is why Geovanni’s Fish Market , is the best place to order Abalone online .  You can now buy Abalone , at Geovanni’s Fish Market with cash , credit cards as well as Bitcoins , and get the package delivered to your door .

For serious orders , quickly email for a faster response , or use directly the contact us page and place your orders .

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