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Frozen Abalone for sale

Frozen Abalone Nett Weight: 425g | Drained Weight: 213g | 24 cans per carton

Natural and pure whole Frozen abalone packed in brine with superior quality. This product contains only Abalone, Water and Salt and has a 5-year shelf life. We have 3-10 whole pieces per can available. Cooked and ready to eat. Also great for creating your own dishes! Frozen Abagold in the making. We only Freeze the abalone and no chemicals used in the process . Only cold temperatures .

Where to Buy Frozen Abalone

The best place to get Frozen Abalone Online , discreetly is at Geovanni’s Fish Market . Most legit vendors , with super secured payment options available . We accept payments using Wire transfers , Bank transfers for Bulk orders , and Bitcoins as well . So order today, and get discount on all Bitcoins payments .

Other forms we also have for sale ..

Black Lip Abalone LIVE

With a firm, squid like texture, Black Lip Abalone is a real exquisite piece of shellfish. Catching abalone is difficult and as a result price is always quite high. Dishes that bring out the real flavor of the abalone are always putting this jewel of the sea in center position. Compliments well with Asian style hot pot dishes.

How does my Black Lip Abalone Come:

  • the fixed price of your abalone is based on gross weight
  • it will have a minimum gross weight of 450gm
  • price does not change if the abalone is above the minimum weight
  • your abalone will come live and in shell

Your fixed price is calculated based on a minimum weight of 450g at $120.00/kg

For serious customers , in order to avoid the long wait of having your order processed , as soon as you order , send us an email at with the order reference number , so we can process immediately the package , and get it shipped out or use the Contact Us link and send us the order reference number .

Special : All bitcoin orders have a 25% discount on all their orders .


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