Abalone for sale |Where to buy Abalone South Africa

Abalone for Sale .

Abalone for sale
Abalone for sale

Get Abalone for Sale online.We are one of the leadingĀ  exporters of whole frozen abalone . our products are of super fresh quality, and we export at competitive world market prices. if you are sourcing for this product, kindly revert back to us with your request,so that our sales department can furnish you with detailed product specifications, prices, packaging,minimum and maximum order quantities,delivery time and payment terms.we will quote best prices for your order.

South Africa’s Abalone for Sale Online

We are the most reliable, legit and fast vendors of Abalone here in South Africa.We do have discreet shipping options , as well as opened shipping on packages for all our clients .We do provide money back guarantee , should your package not meet your requirements .

Also our reship is totally free should your request for a reship . No customs clearance needed , No insurance on packages as we handle all the delivery issues .

How to Order Abalone Online

At Geovanni’s Fish Market South Africa , we do provide the best customer care and client services . New and old clients are always welcomed and are treated as priority . We consider and treat our clients with Royalty .

The order process is simple and fast , first decide if you want the dried , fresh , frozen or canned abalone . Once you decide , you can either order directly by clicking here or , you can send an email to mailing department at info@buyabalone.online and we will respond to you within 24 hours .




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