abalone markets

Abalone markets

The demand for Abalone Markets in South Africa lately , which has led to the extension and opening a new Branch of our Fish Markets (Geovanni’s Fish Market) in South Africa’s Abalone Fishing Camps . We sell all forms of the Abalone ; Dried Abalone , Fresh Abalone , Boiled Abalone, Frozen Abalone  and the Canned Abalone .

South Africa’s Abalone Markets .

In the Past , there has always been monopoly power , with the Abagold Markets dominating all of South Africa’s Fish demands till the introduction of Geovanni’s Fish Market in 2017 . The presence of competition in South Africa’s Abalone vendors , brings about better prices , while maintaining top quality of the products .

“I am glad with the coming of Geovanni’s Fish Market , we can now get good prices on Fish per Kg , and also Geovanni’s has had over 10 years of experience in the USA for Abalone distribution and handling ” Francis Puttain

How to Order

The very simple 3 step order process of Geovanni’s Fish Market, makes clients super satisfied . Our high quality customer service available 24/7 helps all new buyers and old buyers with their orders .

The order process can be summarized in the 3 steps below ;

  • Enter the shop page and select your order
  • Proceed to check out
  • Send an email to info@buyabalone.online to confirm the order .



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